Rant #34: Job Applications

After finally deciding what I am going to do with my life, I have started applying to jobs (again).  So, I scroll and scroll through job listings.  I find a couple that could possibly be decent, so I click on the “apply here” button.  It doesn’t tell me who to email my resume to, nor does it just say attach resume and go.  These listings link to their employers’ redundant sites, asking you to rewrite your resume on a form that you can’t even copy and paste on.  I didn’t spend hours pulling together a resume, formatting it to fit one page, just to redo it all!  WTF.  If I am applying for a job in a tech field, wouldn’t the employer value some tech efficiency? Obviously, these applications are meant to test my patience.  They are put in the way just to filter out people who are dumb enough to think it’s okay to write the same thing over and over again.  Hey, Employers, if you want quality people who function in the work place, try treating us like people.   Seriously, you get what you ask for.

And for all of you people who are currently thinking, “OMG, how can you complain about this process, what if some one sees?” 1) Don’t you think my privacy settings are better than that? 2) Seriously, out of all the things that an employer can see, you think this  is going to send them over the edge? 3) If a potential employer is smart enough to find this blog, I am going to guess they have a better system of applying for employment.



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