Rant #1: The Bathroom Social

November 15, 2011

I hate when people just hang out in the bathroom.  They don’t have to do their business; they just show up to chat!  Obviously, this is only a girl thing, because let’s face it, what person would ever want to just hang out in the men’s bathroom.  Not only does it most likely smell worse than dog poop and the subway combined, I am pretty sure they don’t have seats. 

But seriously, when you plop your self down in those chairs that have spent the last 10 years just absorbing bathroom stank, you make everyone using the bathroom feel uncomfortable.  ESPECIALLY IF THEY HAVE TO POOP.  Girls don’t poop while other girls are in the shared bathroom, unless of course it is an emergency, in which case normal girls clear out.  But, not these bathroom socializers, they just don’t get the hint.

Furthermore, your private conversation isn’t private when there is someone else using the bathroom.  Whatever it is that you want to stay secret, don’t say it in the bathroom, because if I’m in there, on principle I am texting and telling everyone I see what you are talking about.  “Oh man, some chick was chatting up her friend in the bathroom and explaining why she totally loves anal.”  That’s right, now your whole office knows your dirty bathroom secret.