Rant #31: Fans

February 3, 2012

The Super Bowl is coming up – and this is a really important one, if you are in the North East.  There seems to be a lot of football talk happening… and I like most of it.  But, I HATE A-Hole fans.

Full Disclosure: I am a Giants Fan.  I want the Giants to win.

Not all fans are A-Holes.  (I mean, let’s be serious, not everyone is from Boston… or Philly.)  I have no problem with anyone wanting a team other than “my” team to win.  Zero problem.  I have a problem with fans that feel the need to call great plays made by the other team “lucky” or a “fluke.”  Look people, as much as it kills you to even think it… The guys on the other team worked as hard as “your” guys did.  No matter who wins, the game will be fair.

Also, there is a reason why I am putting quotes around “my” and “your”:  You and I are NOT a part of the Team.  I am not a player for the Giants, so therefore, I am not going to talk shit and say, “we are going to crush you.”  I am sorry, I may love the Giants, but I am not a 250 lbs athletic man.  When we cheer for “our” team, we say, “Go GIANTS!!”  Not, “Go US!!!”

Side Note: Suck it, Pats Fans.


Rant #3: Move Along Friday and EFF Lafayette

November 18, 2011

It really grinds my gears that the minutes move by so effing slowly on friday.  Everyone walks around saying, “Thank God it’s Friday!” or “The weekend is almost here!”  Well it is not the weekend yet, people. 

I hate that I sit at my desk and think, “An hour MUST have passed.”  No, it’s been 3 minutes.  It’s almost the weekend.  BLAH BLAH.  Can some on tell that to the clock?  I’ve been at work for at least 10 hours, and it isn’t even noon yet.  Seriously, WTF?  (To all my friends in firm life, this is hyperbole, not truth – if I was still at the firm, it could actually be true.)

Because it is Friday, and I will not be ranting over the weekend, here is my weekend rant:

Lafayette – YOU SUCK.  People who went to Lafayette are simply people who Lehigh rejected.  You are like the red-headed step child of the PA schools.  Thank God tailgates are at Lehigh this year, because I couldn’t stand two years in a row in that mud pit you call tailgates.  Grow a pair, learn how to party.  And seriously, who cares about the football game– this weekend is just a time to remind you that Lehigh kids win at life.