Rant #12: Why Do I Need To Wear My Jacket Inside?

December 12, 2011

Why do they keep office buildings SO cold?  Seriously, the men in my building don’t wear suits, and they tend to agree with all of the frozen women.  And by the way, this office is mostly women, and most people have space heaters.  So, why are they keeping the office at a temperature that would give an Eskimo a chill?

Now, I am not advocating for an 80 degree office.  I just want an office that I can take my coat off in.  You know, one where there isn’t a violent wind whipping out of the air conditioning ducts.  Just an office where gloves are not necessary.  I have worked outside the majority of my life, and I would prefer freezing day outside to this drafty office.  At least when you are outside, you expect to be wearing a hat, gloves, scarf, and an overcoat. 

Maybe, companies could stop wasting so much money on excess AC, and use that money toward, hmmm… I don’t know, PAYING ME MORE.


Rant #11: The Snow Obsession

December 8, 2011

So that was a HUGE snow storm last night.  Let the season of overreactions and nonstop talk about the weather begin.

We are not in school anymore; snow days very rarely mean a fun day to stay home, while your mom makes cookies and hot chocolate.  Why do we all have to focus on it?  OMG, it’s SNOW, I have never seen such a magical white power.  Get over it, people.  Quit buying all the bread, milk, and water in the grocery store.  How many sandwiches can you eat in a week?  Really, you are going to drink ALL of that milk before it goes bad?

Snow makes the morning commute really stink, especially in the City– I get it.  Most people with real jobs can work from home on those days… so stay home.  Take a sick day.  I don’t care.  I will be stomping to work with my big boots and heavy coat no matter what the weather, because I am not important enough to be allowed to work remotely.  I don’t need to hear you hem and haw about when to come in, if you should come in, or if your kids have school or not.  We live in the Northeast, weather happens.  Most of the time, like last night, it is completely irrelevant and underwhelming.

Inappropriate Time to Laugh #1: NYC Rain Storms

November 17, 2011

Okay, okay, I bet you were expecting a rant about the City in the rain.  I mean, we all know it sucks and it is annoying… BUT!!  It makes me laugh.

True New Yorkers know some secrets.  1) We tend to dress for the weather- water proof boots and umbrella.  Perfect!  You know we all have stashes of umbrellas at out desks, in our bags, at the top of our closets.  2) We know holding a newspaper over your head isn’t going to do squat – some people do it anyway, but they are just kidding themselves.  3) We know that the umbrellas bought on the street will most likely be one-time-use and will, at some point, end up in the inevitable umbrella graveyard that lines the streets, because the trash cans are too full of these lightening rods.

AND MY FAVORITE OF ALL TIME… the thing that makes me laugh inappropriately:

4) THE PUDDLES.  Everyone has done it once.  It truly has happened to all of us.  You step in what you think is 1/8 of an inch of water at most, and BAM the 2 ft puddle swallows your leg whole.  I LOVE watching people do this.  It makes me laugh hysterically.  Almost to the point of tears.  It is that genuinely shocked expression- when they just realize they have street water over their shoe, their sock is soaked, and now they have to walk around ALL day with a squishy foot.

BWAHAHAHA.  These suckers make my day.